Scotdesco Water Supply

The Desalination Plant was operational on Scotdesco Inc. in 1998. Our water supply comes from an underground bore, which is situated next to the plant.
When in good operational mode, this plant can produce up to 1300 litres per hour. The membranes sometimes get a build up of iron which requires constant cleaning.
Maurice Scott maintains and keeps this plant operational. OSMO Flow came to Scotdesco and taught Jeffrey the operational skills which Jeff is passing on to Maurice.
At present this plant adequately services 17 houses, an office block which includes an abolution block, Women's Group room and shed, the TAFE building and the sheep in various paddocks and a work shed.


The Scotdesco communities main water source is desalinated bore water supplemented by rain water tanks. SA Water was engaged to reveiw Scotdesco Community's water supply options and recommend a sustainable option with low operating costs. A community water supply meeting was held with all parties involved at scotdesco- community members,FACSIA staff,SA Water, Aboriginal Affairs & Reconcilliation Division, Eyre Peninsula Natural Resource Management Board and an Independent Consultant.Anyway out of the review, the recommended option from sustainability and operational cost was to install a rain water harvesting system. This system is now in operation (waiting on the rain)



 Lenard Brown, Gareth Scott and Adey Gray laying down bearers on the plastic catchement to prevent it lifting in strong wind.