Scotdesco is a great place for school here to see photos of crossways lutheran school and penong school excursions
Children from Scotdesco attend the Penong /Coorabie Districts School for primary years and then travel to Ceduna for High School studies at either Crossways Lutheran School or Ceduna Area School. The school bus heads past Scotdesco at 7.30am.

Penong / Coorabie Districts School

Penong offers curriculum of eight major subjects. The children are engaged in many other extra curricular activities. Our vision is one of ensuring that all children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Scotdesco Supports Penong School through our PaCE Project

PaCE stands for Parent and Community Engagement and Scotdesco has employed a mentor Bonnie Scott to support parents to get involved in their children's education. PaCE activities include.....

  • cultural interaction days where students from Penong can visit Scotdesco and get involved in all sorts of activities such as bush food cooking, pottery and artefact making.
  • Homework support afternoons for parents to work with tutors to support children to complete homework
  • Healthy lunch box programs where parents get together to try out new lunch box fillers...
  • Holiday family cultural days
  • Supporting parents to attend school events such as sports day and strawberry fete
  • supporting parents with transition to kindy, school or high school



Check out the following links to read about different School projects which Scotdesco supports


Adult Learning Opportunities At Scotdesco

Scotdesco CDEP implements non accredited Literacy, Numeracy and work place skill development across all of its current CDEP projects.  In addition to this Scotdesco supports participants and community members to engage in a variety of training opportunities to work towards the development of the community enterprises.  Currently Scotdesco members are training in ...

  • Cert 2 hospitality with Taoundi College
  • cert 4 Training and Education with Red cross
  • Cert 2 tourism with Taoundi College
  • Leadership with FaCHSIA
  • Mentor training with Building Indigenous Capabilities
  • Cert 2 Environmental Health with Bachelor College