Revitalising Language
October 4, 2011

Scotdesco elders are some of the last remaining fluent speakers of wirangu language. Throughout history, wirangu people were not allowed to speak their language in schools and it become endangered.  Over the years, linguists have recorded elders speaking wirangu and the University of Adelaide has worked to create resources that can be used with children to help revitalise the language of the far west coastal people.

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Projects involving language

Wirangu Nest

Scotdesco mothers are creating a play area where toddlers and babies can play with language...They are using language in everyday play with children learning their first words and it is working well...The tafe students have made up songs and the children love them.....Mothers also run playgroup sessions and will use language when ever they can during activities.
Lindy Gray painting a wardu Jacki (supprted by Estelle) is reading wardugu wirn to the children Soraya sharing a book with her son Jayron

Language Camps

School groups are invited to come to scotdesco to camp and practice speaking wirangu language out in the bush doing cultural activities.

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gidyara ingarn
Wardu baru yadu
gidyara-ngu garla mararn
Working in Schools
Jacki Brown has been working on creating theme packs which contain lessons plans and resources which involve children speaking language around a subject, for example weather words.  Jacki has taught lessons to Penong school and hopes to work at Koonibba school later this term...