Scotdesco Community Website Management training....

Scotdesco has completed construction of a training centre on the community and are moving forward with goals from theis community action plans to establish Scotdeso as a regional facility for training and workshops. Scotdesco community are furthering their IT skills through an intensive 4 month digital media, information and technology training with Tauondi College. Through the SBI, Scotdesco team identified the regional need for IT support across communities, and are focusing on networking, computer maintenance and trouble shooting electives within their training.

Scotdesco management have purchased a bridging TAE resource and are looking to prepare a team of community members for employment as IT foundation skills Trainers. CDEP RU is supporting Scotdesco with this.

Darren Miller training Cert 2&3 Information,Digital Media and Technology at Scotdesco.. Students at Scotdesco Aboriginal Communinty learning It Training..


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