Wirangu Culture
Wirangu Language Books by Gladys Miller

Gladys Miller is an Aboriginal elder of Scotdesco and is passionate about keeping the Wirangu Language going for the future of her Children & Grandchildren. She has a number of books which can be purchased from Scotdesco Office.

or email estelle@twt.org.au

Wirangu Language Books written by Scotdesco Elder Gladys Miller with assistance from linguist Paul Monaghan.

Collection of materials

An Introduction to Wirangu – Phrase Book with information about

  • spelling and pronunciation
  • sentence making
  • over 150 useful expressions
  • Wirangu word list

Price $50.00 (includes GST)


Wardugu Wirn – Hunting for Wombat

A book about hunting wombat made with glossy photos. Wombats are also important to the spiritual life of the Far West coast people. As you will see in the book, the wombat is cut up following the proper way – it has been done this way for thousands of years.

Price $60 (includes GST)

Wirangu Picture Dictionary – The picture Dictionary is intended for use in classroom teaching and for self study, it is colour coded and illustrates that the grammar of Wirangu and English are quite different. An accompanying CD-Rom contains a power point presentation which shows the words from the book.  Readers can hear Gladys Miller pronounce the words and hear them used in a sentence.

Price $75 ( includes GST )

For more information or to order book contact Estelle Miller at Ceduna Arts and Culture Language Centre on 08 86252487 or email estelle@twt.org.au